Favorite Christmas Stories

What’s your favorite Christmas story?  Do you have a tradition to read stories for Christmas every year?

The traditional Christmas story comes from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2. Illustrated Children’s Bibles, such as these English Standard Versions (ESV), are good read-aloud versions for the kids in the family.

How about other stories?  Some people may like A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. We watched the recent animated Jim Carey version last week. It may be too scary for younger kids.  It’s like watching Ebenezer Scrooge’s two-hour nightmare.
 An illustrated book may be more appropriate for younger kids.

I have my own favorite read aloud story, The Shepherd, by Frederick Forsyth.  It’s the story of an RAF pilot flying home across the English Channel on Christmas Eve.  Just as you would expect from Frederick Forsyth, it is suspenseful and mysterious, but heartwarming in the end.  Mr. Forsyth wrote this short story as a Christmas present for his wife.  It is my personal Christmas story tradition.

I recently read another cute Christmas story called, Gabriel and the Hour Book, Kindle Edition.  It’s about a peasant boy, Gabriel, who grinds colors for a monk at the monastery.  They are working together on a prayer-book that will be a gift from the King to his Bride.  It’s a touching story about the Christmas Eve answer to Gabriel’s desperate prayer.

Do you have a tradition to read stories for Christmas every year? What’s your favorite Christmas story?  What are you reading for Christmas this year?