Random Thoughts on Training

Rev. Moon says, “There is no substitute for training. Don’t depend on miracles to bring about restoration. We also need training–not random training, but well planned and practical training.” He goes on to say that, “It is training that makes an army efficient and feared by its enemies.” From: Single Mindedness at the Risk of Your Life.

A co-worker gave me American Sniper for Christmas. This quote is what came to mind as I was reading the chapters on Navy SEAL training. Efficient and feared indeed. It was those stories of SEAL training that motivated me to get my sorry butt in gear and get in shape this year.

My usual routine would have been to take a rest day, but these thoughts motivated me to get out and walk anyway.


My intention was just to walk, but longer thatimage usual. The these stairs started calling my name. I went up and down three flights of stairs to get my heart rate up.

I walked a total of 3.25 miles in just over an hour. (My pedometer app says I set a record with a total of 12,414 steps today.)

I concentrated on gratitude and appreciating nature, the ocean, the sky the birds. I always enjoy watching pelicans skimming the leading edge of the waves. I always hope to see the diving for fish.

Amazingly, a bunch of them started diving just opposite my position. Out of a two-mile stretch of beach, they started diving just near me.  Synchronicity. Just as I got to the pier, a guy on a bike started hollering and pointing,”Wales! See the spouts?” He must have had sharp eyes, because they were pretty far offshore, but sure enough, there were several whale spouts out in the offing.

I’m glad I made the effort to go out this morning. I felt really blessed all day.



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